Redmond mag 2006 márc.

Jobb későn, mint soha.

THE 800-POUND GORILLA By Doug BarneyWindows and Office each dominate the landscape, like King Kong on SkullIsland. What would it take to shoot this monkey down and give otherspecies a fighting chance?

READER TIPS: DO AWAY WITH SPYWARE By Doug BarneyMany programs block spyware, but few know how to get rid of it. REDMONDreaders offer some clever ways to banish these nasties.

NEVER AGAIN By Keith WardWhat's the worse thing that's happened to you in your IT career? Readersshare their scariest on-the-job experiences, and you can learn fromtheir mistakes.YOUR TURN

BIZTALK SERVER: GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME By Joanne CummingsUsers say Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 -- and the 2006 version --significantly ease enterprise application integration.

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