Archived Issues of the SQL Server Standard

Jön ki a Yukon SQL 2005, ugye, november 7-én (kódneve Putyilov, vagy Auróra :) úgyhogy most bokáig lehet járni az MS-SQL-es anyagokban. Itt van mindjárt a Archived Issues of the SQL Server Standard. Nem tudom, meddig lehet hozzáférni... MCP-s bejelentkezés kell az indexoldalhoz, de szerintem a file-letöltés enélkül is megy. Ezek vannak fent (innentől idézet):

July/August 2005: Replication
In this edition, the SQL Server Standard tackles replication with a look at the new features in SQL Server 2005, along with a few techniques for handling some special situations and an introductory look at Continuous Data Protection.

May/June 2005: SQL Server Performance Tuning
This issue focuses on SQL Server performance, including an examination of disk contention and performance, possible locks and blocks, and analyses on the performance impacts of using GUIDs.

March/April 2005: SQL Server in the Real World
Most case studies tend to be high-level with limited details, but the SQL Server Standard breaks that mold by building this issue as a case study of the variety of ways SQL Server is put to use at the Hancock Information Group. Here you'll find a collection of articles that discuss some interesting and creative ways that SQL Server can help your company.

January/February 2005: Approaching Yukon
This issue, which contains seven articles, is focused on different aspects of SQL Server 2005. Read about what's new for DBAs, the changes in Integration Services, database mirroring, and more.

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