Redmond Mag 2005. augusztus


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Cover Story: Mr. Windows By Doug Barney
Jim Allchin, considered by many as the father of NT and the brains
behind Longhorn, talks about the future of rich clients and why you
should trust Microsoft to power your next PC.

Top stories include:

** Longhorn: Is Allchin's Baby Worth the Wait? By Don Jones **
Don Jones takes a look at the new features that will be included in the
new Windows operating system, slated for release in late 2006.

** Make Room for Linux Apps By Jeremy Moskowitz **
As Linux applications grow in popularity, Windows admins will need to
start incorporating them into their networks. Here are five ways to do

** How NOT to Architect Active Directory By Gary Olsen **
Learn how to do Active Directory design right from these real-world
case studies of those who have done it wrong.

** REDMOND ROUNDUP: Write the Perfect Script By Bill Boswell **
Need to go deep and seize control of your Windows systems? One of these
tools can help you perfect the art of scripting.

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