REDMOND mag July issue

COVER STORY: It's Groove Baby! By Doug Barney

Redmond's newest CTO hopes to make his mark on Microsoft's
collaboration efforts, and perhaps much more.

Top stories include:

** Build a Better Business Case By Lauren Gibbons Paul **
Need cash for your next big project? Don't sweat it -- IT managers
share their time-tested tips for prying open the corporate wallet.

** An Open Look at Groupware By Jim Conley **
Open source groupware is better than ever, but for those seeking to
replace Exchange, some caveats apply. Jim Conley examines the state of
open source groupware and why it matters in a Microsoft shop.
(Gonosz openszorsz)

**WSUS: Better Name, Better Product By Joanne Cummings **
In this month's Your Turn, readers report that Microsoft's Windows
Server Update Services (WSUS) tool is a vast improvement over its
predecessor SUS.

Plus much more. Don't miss the entire issue:

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