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"Cover Story: Content Cops -- Should IT Be the Long Arm of the Law?
By Becky Nagel
Many businesses expect IT to use the equivalent of a radar gun and
monitor employees for infractions. But laying down the law can have
serious repercussions, both for employees and the IT departments doing
the watching.

Top stories include:

**6 Steps to a Simpler Network by Bill Heldman**
There's a saying in IT that "complexity is the enemy of security." It's
also the enemy of efficiency, troubleshooting and other critical
network functions. Here are six ways to untangle that crowded web
you've woven.

**Managing in Isolation by Kevin Fogarty**
Remote management has never been a Microsoft strong suit, but Windows
Server 2003 is helping users manage servers that no IT staff can touch.

**7 Tips for MOM by Tim Cornett**
Advice from an in-the-trenches expert for getting the most out of
Microsoft Operations Manager.

Plus much more."

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