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Job description
Undertake complex design work that may include business process reengineering and strategic business analysis in relation to the required business support systems.
• Implement functional and information analyzes for the benefit of functional design.
• Consult with clients to determine needs and report to the client(s) on an on-going basis throughout the project.
• Analyze and give expert advice to clients concerning the structure and conduct of the relevant business processes and business systems support strategies.
• Define process changes in the client’s organization, in such a way that the changes will be implemented in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with agreed time frames and terms of reference.
• Transfer industry-specific knowledge to ICT professionals and engage in industry-wide activities as appropriate.

Job requirements
Typically degree qualified (Electrical Engineer)
• At least 5 years relevant experience
• Fluency in English, both oral and written
• Experience in business process reengineering
• Previous knowledge of Six Sigma and/or ITIL project management methodology

2 megjegyzés:

Időpont: 22:22 , Anonymous Névtelen írta...

en szivesen lennek, de szakember vagyok, igy kicsi az esely :) viszont mekkorakat buliznank...


Időpont: 08:30 , Blogger Varánusz írta...

gyere, jó lesz :)


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