The Young Turk of Firefox

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Ez az ehavi MCPmagból van. Ugye a Firefox egyre népszerűbb cucc, leírják a cikkben, hogy szerintük miért.

Néhány idézet:

- What are the most significant ways in which Firefox 1.0 differs from IE 6.0?
- The most salient way that Firefox differs from Internet Explorer is that using the Web is fun again in Firefox. Spyware, viruses, security exploits, popup ads—the Web has lost its luster over the past decade and become something of a chore. Firefox helps prevent these problems
- Is there any good reason to use IE any more?
- [...]I see no reason, however, for most people to subject themselves to it. Firefox achieved feature parity with IE way back around version 0.5 and never looked back.

Hogy miért jó a Firefox?
Joel szerint:
  • You'll get fewer viruses and you'll get no annoying popups asking you if you want to install lame spyware that will ruin your computer forcing a complete reinstall.
  • You can open all your bookmarks in tabs, all at once, and let them download in the background while you read them.
  • You'll help break the Microsoft Monopoly on web browsers.
zokszigén szerint meg ezért.

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